What is an ERA test?

What is an ERA test?

The ERA test is the best diagnostic tool for finding the optimal time for embryo transfer. Embryos are implanted in a certain receptive period during the female cycle, which is called the "implantation window". By knowing your personal implant window, you can optimize your chances of pregnancy.

Is the ERA a test for YOU?

Is the ERA a test for YOU?

The ERA test is recommended for patients who have not had an implant in previous IVF attempts.

Also, clinical studies at different stages of development, investigate the indications for the ERA test in patients visiting IVF centers for the first time.

How is the test done?

How is the test done?

The test requires a quick and easy endometrial biopsy.


I am interested in the ERA test, when can I start?

If you are interested in an ERA® test, talk to our doctor to see if you need an ERA test.

Is an ERA test useful if I have been pregnant before?

If you have been pregnant before, you are more likely to get a receptive result than other women who have never been pregnant before.

The ERA® test is relevant and can accurately determine the time at which the chances of pregnancy are greatest, especially if you have had multiple failed transfers.

How long are ERA test results valid?

When performing the same accurate medical protocol (same drugs, cycle type, progesterone hours, type of administration, dose, etc.) and with proper progesterone control, ERA® results can be applied in personalized embryo transfer (pET) up to 2 years after ERA® biopsy.

The repeatability of the results may be affected by changes in endometrial thickness (should remain within a similar range: 12 mm), dramatic increase or loss of weight (+/- 20 kg) and surgical intervention on the uterus.

Therefore, if you have experienced any of these changes from a previous ERA®, you may want to consider repeating the test.

What are the risks and limitations of the ERA test?

What are the risks and limitations of the ERA test?

To perform the ERA® test, you must undergo an endometrial biopsy.

An endometrial biopsy is done in our center, so it is best to discuss the risks with our doctor who will perform the procedure. Endometrial biopsy is a common procedure performed for other reproductive tests in addition to ERA®.

The receptive result does not guarantee pregnancy because there are other reasons why pregnancy cannot occur after embryo transfer.

The ERA® test does not tell us about other existing endometrial pathologies, the health or quality of the embryo, nor the likelihood that the pregnancy will last until term.

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