New Life | IVF In vitro fertilization center
New Life | IVF In vitro fertilization center


What is infertility and what are the causes?

Koji testovi postoje za utvrđivanje neplodnosti?

What is the difference between sterility and infertility?

All of our initial tests were in order. Why can't we get pregnant?

What is the difference between primary and secondary infertility?

Can parental infertility be passed on to a baby?

Can we have sex during IVF?

Is there a risk of having a child through in vitro fertilization?

Do fertility hormones pose a long-term health risk?

The treatment was unsuccessful, when can I try again?

Where and how to give a sperm sample?

Should sexual intercourse be abstained before sperm analysis and after IUI (insemination)?

Can the day of my embryo transfer be predicted?

Should the bladder be full during emrion transfer?

How long does embryo transfer take?

What is a blastocyst embryo?

What are the chances of pregnancy with frozen embryos?

How long do patients living outside Sarajevo have to stay at our clinic?

Can I have a glass of wine during the treatment?

Can I swim during the treatment in your clinic (sea, pool)?

Can I drink coffee during treatment or other caffeinated beverages?

How often does a couple need to have sex to achieve pregnancy?

By what age can men and women have children?

When can patients living outside of Sarajevo travel home after IVF treatment?

Does IVF use all female eggs?

New Life | IVF Centar za vantjelesnu oplodnju

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