Embrio glue

Embrio glue

What is Embryo Glue?

What is Embryo Glue?

In the process of embryo implantation, we use the EmbryoGlue product, which helps the embryo to "stick" to the uterine wall.

An independent study by the British branch of the global health organization Cochrane confirmed that embryo transfer is more successful when hyaluronan levels are elevated.

When and to whom is Embryo Glue recommended?

When and to whom is Embryo Glue recommended?

EmbryoGlue is the only product available with a rich amount of hyaluronan. Numerous studies have shown a significant increase in the number of pregnancies in patients diagnosed with infertility. EmbryoGlue has shown special advantages in:

- Patients over 35 years,

- Those who have previously had unsuccessful medically assisted reproduction procedures

- In couples with an unknown symptom of infertility. 

EmbryoGlue contains carbohydrates and amino acids that help the embryo during transfer and "implantation" in the uterine mucosa, hyaluronan, recombinant albumin that reduces the risk of cross-contamination. 

Hyaluronan reduces unwanted embryo motility.

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